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Guest Post: Talia Vance, author of Silver!

September 6th, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

Silver by Talia Vance

I just finished reading Silver the other day and am so excited to be participating in the Silver tour.  Talia is such a sweetheart and I have been looking forward to both her books, Silver (out tomorrow though I’ve heard some copies have made it out into the wild) and Spies and Prejudice (due out June 2013).

She’s with us here to talk about how it was writing two books that tackle different types of stories.

Thank you so much Talia for joining us!

When Debbie asked me to do a guest post about how I wrote two such different books, I had to think about it for a little while.  While it’s true that Silver, an angsty paranormal romance, is very different from Spies and Prejudice, a fast-paced mystery, both have romantic plotlines, both have a dash of fantasy, and both are a part of me.  But then, Debbie is also right, the books are very different.

The best explanation I have for the difference comes from the main characters.  In some ways Berry (from Spies and Prejudice) and Brianna (from Silver) are almost polar opposites.

Although both characters start their stories being somewhat invisible, Berry makes her living lurking in shadows, while Brianna really wants to be seen, especially by the boy she has a crush on.  Berry, on the other hand is irritated when a boy takes an interest in her, interrupting her surveillance.

The characters have a completely different sense of self.  Brianna is much more serious and introspective.  She has a lack of confidence and faith in herself that stems in part from her fear of what she might be capable of.  Berry, on the other hand, has never doubted herself.  She is full of bristle and confidence and is quick to blame others.

Both characters have a dark past that shapes who they are in the present, but in very different ways.  Brianna’s fire scares her less because of what happened, but more because of what it may mean for her in the future.  She questions whether she might be capable of really hurting someone.  The death of Berry’s mother leaves Berry with a fear of letting people get too close.  And, after years of documenting the affairs of cheating men, Berry wears her distrust like a suit of armor, designed to keep people, especially boys, at a distance.

Brianna allows herself to get too close to a boy who will probably hurt her, while Berry pushes all boys away before a single one can get under her skin.  As Brianna falls in love with a boy that might not be right for her, she ends up discovering her own strength.  Berry uses her innate strength as a shield, but ends up discovering that sometimes love is worth the risk, even if it means she might get hurt.

Even their relationships with their friends are different.  While Brianna’s friendships have an undercurrent of sibling rivalry and jealousy, Berry’s friends are more supportive and genuine, which makes it harder for Berry when she has to keep secrets.

The differences in character lead to a big difference in tone of the books.  When a friend of mine first started reading Spies and Prejudice, she sent me an email that said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are not this funny.”  I laughed because she was right.  I emailed her back and said, “I’m not. But Berry is.”  And that pretty much summed it up for me.  Each of the characters had their own story to tell, and they did so in their own way.  Sometimes I think I’m just the conduit.  Does that sound crazy?  Yeah, but that’s kind of what being a writer is, I think.

Thanks again Talia!  I really enjoyed Silver and now I can’t wait to read Spies and Prejudice.  I know you are all excited to get your hands on a copy of Silver so enter the giveaway below.
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  1. Jaime

    Hey Debbie! Thanks so much for being a tour stop! I love your guest post :)


  2. Talia Vance

    Thanks Debbie for being on the tour! I had fun writing this post :)

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