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Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki

January 11th, 2013 by Debbie's World of Books

Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki

Source: Borrowed from the library

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make better choices with my money and to one day no longer have to rely on working for someone else to make money.  Fortunately I am currently working part-time in a library and was able to browse their section on audio books since I now spend more time driving around.  I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Kim’s husband years ago but never realized his wife had also written a book.  This book has truly motivated me even more so to make changes in my life.

The book is written in a manner that is not intimidating as I’ve never been a numbers sort of person and the idea of investing has always intimidated me.  Kim’s writing is more like story telling and she tells an eye-opening tale.  There were many times I wish I could write down something she said while I was driving because it rang so true to me so I am actually listening to it a second time to really absorb everything.

It’s a quick listen and I think useful for any woman who knows next to nothing about investing.  Some of the key points that stuck to me were first off find the core reason why you want to change your life.  It has to be a truly motivating reason that will get you through the ups and downs and isn’t just “I want to be rich”.  She gave an example that fit me to a tee. She asked something along the lines of what would you say if someone said to be really fit you should work out all day, 3 days a week.  Most people would say they don’t have time.  Then she asked what if your doctor told you that you had an illness that would kill you if you didn’t exercise all day, 3 days a week. All of a sudden you would make the time to do so.  So while we are all busy if we truly want something we will get creative to find the time to learn how to get it.

A second point she made was that women will often rely on others to take care of financially whether it be a husband, our current job, social security, etc.  What were to happen if this source of income was taken away?  Would we be able to find a way to support ourselves, especially as we grow older?  Surprisingly the percentage of woman who would not be able to was huge.  I recently had some circumstances in my own life that required me to quit my job and now trying to figure out how to pay the bills and support my family without that income has been hard to say the least.  So what happens if we get laid off or become too ill to work?  It’s certainly a scary thought.

There were so many important points that Kim makes throughout the book and she also demonstrates that we need to take an entirely new approach to how we view money, investing and our priorities in life in order to me financially secure throughout our lives.  This book doesn’t get into nitty, gritty details about how to invest but it will definitely get you thinking and wanting to learn more.

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