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Fragments by Dan Wells

May 1st, 2013 by Debbie's World of Books

Fragments by Dan Wells

Source: Received for review

Publication date: February 26, 2013

Publisher: Balzer & Brazy

Series: Partials #2

Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary from Kira Walker has found the cure for RM, but the battle for the survival of humans and Partials is just beginning. Kira has left East Meadow in a desperate search for clues to who she is. That the Partials themselves hold the cure for RM in their blood cannot be a coincidence–it must be part of a larger plan, a plan that involves Kira, a plan that could save both races. Her companions are Afa Demoux, an unhinged drifter and former employee of ParaGen, and Samm and Heron, the Partials who betrayed her and saved her life, the only ones who know her secret. But can she trust them?

Meanwhile, back on Long Island, what’s left of humanity is gearing up for war with the Partials, and Marcus knows his only hope is to delay them until Kira returns. But Kira’s journey will take her deep into the overgrown wasteland of postapocalyptic America, and Kira and Marcus both will discover that their greatest enemy may be one they didn’t even know existed.

The second installment in the pulse-pounding Partials saga is the story of the eleventh hour of humanity’s time on Earth, a journey deep into places unknown to discover the means–and even more important, a reason–for our survival.

I have to admit I was surprised how much I enjoyed Fragments since I thought Partials we just ho-hum.  I only chose to review it because a friend told me it was so much better than Partials.  When I received it and realized it was a hefty 500+ pages I was wondering what I got myself into.  However, once I got started reading it I did not want to put it down and it blew me away.

I thought Partials was slow-moving and none of the characters really grabbed me but there were none of those issues in Fragments.  There was enough action and plot development that the story flew and was over way too soon.  I really wanted the story to keep going and it’s killing me not knowing what is going to happen next.

The characters were more developed and Kira had so much more depth to her.  At times she irritated the heck out of me but that just made her more realistic.  She wasn’t one of those noble, self-sacrificing heroines that can be irritating because who is really that noble in real life?  Samm and Marcus were also both more interesting to me in this book.  We get to see as Samm tries to understand human interactions and the struggle he faces being a partial who still believes in  his people but doesn’t agree with all of their actions.  Marcus impressed me in that he was an interesting mix of wimp and brave hero material.

The entire storyline about the human-partials relationship development, the war and the current state of each faction was fascinating and keeps readers on their toes.  I was also impressed with the subtlety of the romance.  It’s obvious that Samm and Kira have a thing for each other but I didn’t feel like Dan Wells was banging me over the head with it and letting the romance overshadow the rest of the storyline.

All in all this book was head and shoulders above the first installment and it’s going to be an excruciating wait for book 3.  Fragments is the perfect blend of action, adventure and romance.

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2 Responses

  1. melissa @ 1lbr

    Really good review! What I love about it the most, though, is that I felt the opposite of you. I really enjoyed the first book and was riveted all the way through, but this one just dragged on and on for me. I like hearing differing opinions :)

  2. Debbie's World of Books

    Melissa-lol. I love hearing different people’s take on the same book. It’s amazing how different an effect a book can have on different people.

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