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First Grade Stinks by Mary Ann Rodman

September 21st, 2013 by Debbie's World of Books

First Grade Stinks by Mary Ann Rodman

Source: Received for review

Publication date: September 1, 2006

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers

Haley is eager to start first grade but finds that it isn’t quite what she expected.  After the shock of no sharing time, fewer recesses, writing and more she longs to go back to kindergarten.  Her new teacher, Ms. Gray, teaches her that there are a lot of special things about first grade too making Haley appreciate that she is no longer a kindergartner.

I initially chose to review this book because my daughter has just started first grade.  She surprised me by settling in remarkably well and having a much more positive attitude than she did in kindergarten.

I have to admit kindergarten was a rough change for us both.  Basically everything this story about first grade applied to my daughter’s kindergarten experience.  She was shocked at how much writing they had to do, learning to read, addition, subtraction and so on.  She kept telling me how she wanted to go back to preschool where they just did art and playtime.  As we read this story we talked about how she’s a big girl now knowing how to spell, write and read books on her own just like Haley is learning in first grade.  She did have a good laugh as she realized how much she has learned between the beginning and ending of kindergarten and how much she will learn in first grade.

Overall, a nice story though I suppose depending on your school it may not necessarily apply to your child in the first grade.  The main reason I did not enjoy this story more is it does paint a pretty bleak picture of first grade for most of the book and only showing the upside in a few short pages.  Thought there was a lot of work in my daughter’s kindergarten and first grade classes the classrooms were still fun and excitingly decorated and her teachers did try to make the work interesting.  Still the underlying idea is a good one.

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