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Mastering the Marquess by Lavinia Kent

July 22nd, 2014 by Debbie's World of Books

Mastering the Marquess by Lavinia Kent

Source: NetGalley

Publication date: July 29, 2014

Publisher: Loveswept

About the book: One night of fierce passion and unbound pleasure leaves two strangers craving much more in Lavinia Kent’s sumptuous novel of sensual discovery.

The time has come for the widow Louisa, Lady Brookingston, to move on, but she refuses to remarry at the cost of shaming her late husband’s memory. Their six years together were wedded bliss—even if a war injury prevented him from fulfilling his marital duties. Only one woman can help Louisa: Madame Rouge, the discreet proprietress of a club where London’s elite explore their wildest fantasies.

Geoffrey, the Marquess of Swanston, has no intention of agreeing to deflower an anonymous virgin. But when Madame Rouge tempts him with the absolute power he’ll have over a woman who knows nothing of carnal delights, he’s intrigued. Control is the one thing he cannot resist—and control is what he loses during his night with the blindfolded beauty. He longs to take her further, to leave his mark upon her perfect behind, but the mystery woman refuses to see him again. Instead Geoffrey reluctantly agrees to take a wife, the widow of his dear friend, Lord Brookingston—fating them both to a wicked surprise.

Mastering the Marquess is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

This is my first time reading an erotic historical romance and there were definitely some smoking hot sex scenes. However, while not a bad book it did drag a bit for me and I found myself skimming. I wish we had seen a little more setup about Geoffrey’s crazy family. I found it hard to tell if they really were nuts or just free spirits. All we hear is that Geoffrey is always having to keep track of his father and siblings and I had a hard time telling if his father was crazy or he was just needling Geoffrey. I mean what kind of sane person rents his home out for a 99 year lease?

I also found the entire relationship between the Countess and Geoffrey and Geoffrey’s sister a little disjointed. Though we eventually find out the connection between the Countess and Geoffrey I felt like it took too long to find out why she was so obsessed with him. It also seemed like the relationship between the Countess and Geoffrey’s sister wasn’t new but he just suddenly noticed it.

I did find the development between Louisa and Geoffrey interesting though his turnabout from “I can’t pursue my dead friend’s wife” to “I need to marry and my dead friend’s widow is the perfect candidate” was so quick. I did have to laugh when Geoffrey’s father had his “sex talk” with Louisa and warned her about how shy Geoffrey is sexually. I do wish by the end of the story Geoffrey’s family would have had some sort of revelation that he’s not the stick in the mud son and brother they thought he was.

All in all a decent read but not one I would ever read again.

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