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The Evil Genius Behind Outlander

August 10th, 2014 by Debbie's World of Books

You know how we all have that humongous list of books that we plan on reading one day?  Well, Outlander has been on my list for years.  So many friends have raved about it and my online book club members all are religiously reading each new book and chattering about it but despite owning both a paper copy of it and an ebook version I have yet to read it.  Maybe it’s the length that turned me off as I always feel there are so many good books to read why pick up something that long.  I mean come on!  I own this version and its 870 pages long! For a frickin’ romance!  Don’t get me long, I love romance books but 970 pages?!  Oh wait, I just added another 100 pages, my bad.  But you get what I mean right?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

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Still you know how you have this morbid fascination with things that everyone talks about?  That’s how I feel about Outlander so when I heard they would be making a TV series I was immediately intrigued.  I thought, “Great!  The tv cliff notes version!”  Then the disappointment set in after realizing it’s on Starz, a channel I do not get.  Then the joy when a friend pointed out the first episode was available online to watch for free!  (Go to the Starz site if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.)  Talk about emotional roller coaster!

  Outlander TV series

Now this was all sheer genius of Starz because now I am hoping and praying that they will show each episode for free but you know what the evil part is?  If they only make the first episode free!  If they don’t do this for any future episodes it is so tempting to subscribe just to keep watching!

Of course the sexy Jamie Fraser doesn’t hurt either.

Jamie Fraser

Then there is the fact that despite finishing the first episode at 11:30pm I felt the need to start reading that ginormous book just to know what happens next!

To top off this eerily creepy plan of Outlander taking over the world is that I went to Goodreads and look what I see on my home page?

Outlander Goodreads

Should I be nervous that they immediately knew I had watched the show and now are showing me this advertisement?  Really, big brother is watching.

So yes, despite trying to resist, it is now past midnight and I am about to head off to bed to start reading Outlander.  The promise to get to sleep early tonight has clearly been hurled out the window.

Has anyone else fallen prey to this Outlander phenomena?  What did you think of the pilot episode?  For those who have read the book what did you think?

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