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Review: Sugar’s Twice as Sweet by Marina Adair

November 23rd, 2014 by Debbie's World of Books

Sugar's Twice as Sweet by Marina Adair


Source: Netgalley

Publication date: November 25, 2014

Publisher: Forever

Series: Sugar, Georgia #1

Rating: ★★★☆☆


It really pains me to give this book only 3 stars. I’ve been madly in love with every other book I’ve read by Marina Adair but this one just didn’t do it for me. I never really came to love Joie and for a good part of the book I just didn’t get why Brett was so fascinated with her other than the fact she didn’t chase after him. She was totally rude and I really wanted to scold her at times and ask “Didn’t your mama ever teach you any manners?”. Once she got over being a witch to Brett she became more likable and I did start to feel sorry for her with the way the granny mafia was treating her.

The granny mafia was another part that bugged me. Instead of the well meaning but meddling characters you will often find in small town romances this group actually came across as just mean and selfish to me. In other books I found the meddling grannies endearing but these grannies grated on my nerves and nothing made me want to like them.

My last minor issue was I really didn’t need to read how great Joie’s boobs and ass were every other page. Every time Brett would stare at them, drool over them, envy Joie’s dog for nuzzling in them I wanted to scream “ENOUGH!”.

Now for the positives. Brett was much more likable than Joie. Yes, he was a playboy but he really did have a heart of gold and I felt bad the way everyone tried to take advantage of that heart. His brother and Joie’s friends were also bright spots in the story and I cannot wait to read their stories. There was an excerpt from Brett’s female best friend and his brother’s book and I am already hooked and am counting down the days for it.

About the Book:

He’s trouble she doesn’t need . . .

Thanks to a cheating fiancé, Josephina Harrington’s perfect life just crashed and burned. Moving in with her overbearing parents is definitelynot an option. No, she needs to prove she can make it on her own. And she will-by turning her great-aunt’s old plantation house into a destination getaway. She’s just not expecting her contractor to be so hands-on-and so totally irresistible.

. . . but everything she wants

Bad-boy golf champion Brett McGraw figured his hometown of Sugar, Georgia was the perfect place to lay low and get his life back up to par. The leggy blonde with a pint-sized pup is the kind of sweet ‘n sassy trouble he never saw coming. She doesn’t know a nut from a bolt and before long, he’s renovating her house . . . as she steals his heart. Can he convince Josephina that his womanizing ways are in the past and he’s ready for forever?

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