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Review: Until We Touch by Susan Mallery

November 1st, 2015 by Debbie's World of Books

Until We Touch by Susan Mallery

Source: Purchased myself

Publication date: June 24, 2014

Publisher: HQN

Series: Fool’s Gold #15

About the book:

From New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery comes the story of secret desires finally fulfilled…

After a family tragedy, former football hero Jack McGarry keeps the world at arm’s length—a challenge now that his PR firm has moved to neighborly Fool’s Gold, California.

Larissa Owens knows where she stands—Jack sees her as just another one of the guys. No matter what her heart wishes, Jack’s her boss, not her boyfriend. But then Larissa’s big secret is revealed…by her mother!

When Jack discovers the truth about Larissa’s feelings, her touch suddenly becomes tantalizing, and he’s not sure he wants to resist. But if he gives in to desire, heartache is sure to follow. Friendship or true love—will Jack go for the ultimate play?

My Review:

I was browsing my bookshelves and when I came across this one I honestly couldn’t remember what happened in Jack and Larissa’s book. Turns out even though I bought this one I had somehow skipped right over it. I love the whole Score family so I immediately sat down to find out how Jack and Larissa were going to get together.

I was surprised to find myself not liking Larissa as much as I did in the other books. At first she’s endearing with the way she takes care of everyone and is always rescuing people and animals but then it just gets ridiculous. She basically needs Jack to rescue her every time because she ends up getting in over her head. It irked me especially when she realizes she has no money saved up because she spent all of it on her rescue plans, she never got her masseuse certification and in the end she gets rescued by all of her friends. So again she doesn’t really have to do much to get herself back on her feet because everyone else rushed int to take care of every little detail. So on one hand while I love the small town coming together to help each other but on the other just once I would have liked to see Larissa have done something on her own. I’m all about helping others but I also think you need to help yourself and as an adult be prepared to take care of yourself. I also didn’t like the easy resolution at the end. Again I felt like while Larissa was showing Jack empathy, she was also letting it be known he could be a total A-hole and it’s ok because he had a rough life.

That said yet again it’s the supporting characters in Fool’s Gold who truly make the book. I loved Percy, Taryn, Sam and Kenny. Their parts really made me laugh and reminded me how much I love the town of Fool’s Gold.

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