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Review: His Kind of Cowgirl by Karen Rock

March 6th, 2016 by Debbie's World of Books

His Kind of Cowgirl by Karen Rock

Source: Received for review

Publication date: March 1, 2016

Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming

Rating: ★★★☆☆

About the book:

Would he still love her…if he knew?

Tanner Hayes smashed Claire’s life to pieces when he chose the rodeo over her ten years ago. And now he’d wrecked her truck! Fantastic. She’d lost her husband, the family ranch was mired in debt, her father was recuperating from a stroke and her son was being bullied. Why not throw a reckless bull rider into the mix?

All she’d wanted was a safe, stable life. But with Tanner back in town—and staying on her ranch—nothing was safe, or under control. Not the feelings she’d fought so hard to forget. Not the son she was determined to protect. And certainly not her long-held secret…

My Review:

I haven’t read Karen Rock books before but this one caught my eye so I requested it from Netgalley. I waffled over what to rate it because on one hand I love the hero Tanner but on the other hand I despised Claire.

Being a single mom I tend to be a sap over single mom heroines but I was surprised that this author managed to make be really dislike Claire. She was whiny, always feeling sorry for herself and spun every situation to suit her view. At first I thought Tanner had run off and left her with the baby but then we find out he never knew about the baby. She tries to justify not telling him by saying she didn’t want to force him to stay with her but honestly other than her own fear I don’t see why she couldn’t have followed him when he wanted to leave town. At points Claire also gets angry over the way some townspeople always looked down upon Tanner and yet she does the exact same thing. She really got me mad when she started pointing out all the reasons Tanner would be a bad father despite everything he did that proved he would be a wonderful father. She was the one smothering their son, letting him run away from difficult situations (just like she does) and then when their son rebels because he’s been so sheltered she still lashes out and blames Tanner. She makes some small steps towards redemption at the end but it was too little, too late for me. She’s one lucky woman that Tanner is such a sweetheart.

Now in contrast I adore Tanner! He has his own set of insecurities wanting to prove himself to those who looked down on him but he still manages to be charming and doesn’t lash out like many others would. I expected him to be more torn up and angry about possibly having to leave the rodeo behind but he even handles those choices with a maturity and calmness I would have expected more from Claire. I honestly don’t understand his attraction to grown up Claire. He talks about how brave she is but in every situation she’s placed in she tries to take the easy route. Even when she does stand up to him and try to thwart his plans it’s because she’s trying to keep herself and her family in this protective bubble because she’s afraid to live life.

So in the end I settled on 3 stars because I thoroughly enjoyed Tanner’s half of the book which saved this from being the 2 stars that Claire’s character dragged the book down to.

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