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Review: Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry

April 26th, 2016 by Debbie's World of Books

Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry

Source: Netgalley

Publication date: April 26, 2016

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Series: Joe Ledger #8

Rating: ★★★★☆

About the book:

What do you do when the power goes off?

Terrorists have acquired a terrible new weapon that can crash the power grid and plunge America into a new dark age. A coordinated attack is planned to shut out all lights and emergency services to ten major cities. Planes will fall, hospitals will go dark, no help will come.

And in that terrible darkness a dreadful plague will be released. If the lights go off, nothing can stop the bioweapon from killing millions.

At the same time the intelligence services are being torn apart from within by a plague of betrayal, murder and suicide. Even the Department of Military Sciences is stumbling in its response to the growing threat.

Time is running out. And Joe is being hunted by a terrifying new kind of assassin. A team of remote viewers have the ability to take over any person and turn ordinary citizens into killers. Where can you turn when there’s nobody left to trust?

Joe Ledger faces his deadliest challenge as friends and allies become enemies and all of the lights begin to go out…

My review:

Jonathan Maberry is one of those authors you really can’t go wrong with and he knocks it out of the park again in Kill Switch. Even if he writes the most outlandish ideas you just go with it and quickly become enthralled because his writing is just that good.

Whenever I see a new Joe Ledger book I wonder where he’s going to take it because each one is just so crazy and over the top I think he can’t take it up another notch. Yet somehow he always manages to. I am glad that this one wasn’t quite as disturbingly gory as Predator One but you will still find a lot of the expected stuff blowing up and bad guys getting torn up. I didn’t want to stop reading this book but the main reason it didn’t get the full five stars was the buy guy was pretty obvious from the get-go for me. So I found it a little frustrating that Joe and his team didn’t figure it out sooner. Granted we’re seeing the overall picture but Joe’s team is only seeing bits and pieces but I still thought they should have picked up on it sooner than they did. Other than that the story was great. I am curious to see where the Echo Team goes in the next book. The team goes through a lot of soul breaking stuff and we already see there are going to be changes coming. I can’t wait to see how it shakes out.

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  1. Kailana

    I have been meaning to read this author. One day I will!

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