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Review: Dark Blood by Ella Starling

August 22nd, 2016 by Debbie's World of Books

Dark Blood by Ella Starling

Source: Purchased

Publication date: Jun2 25, 2016

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

About the book:

DARK BLOOD runs through her veins, and the beast is on her trail…

For the first time in her life, Bianca Da Costa feels free, even when she is bound by chains. Kidnapped from under her mobster daddy’s nose, she has no way of escaping the Hound – the Abbate crime family’s most vicious hitman.
But maybe she doesn’t want to escape. Maybe her savior is the dark beast himself… And to face him, Bianca will have to look right into the eyes of the monster.

Matteo Salini is trained to kill. Pumped with drugs and used to blood, he doesn’t expect to flinch when he has to take Bianca’s life. She’s beautiful – there is no doubt in that.
But Matteo has women servicing him left and right, and he doesn’t need a spoiled mafia princess to screw with his head. Bianca is much more than that, though, and her tenderness finds its way under Matteo’s rough skin. She might be his only chance of redemption.

She’s his prisoner, he’s her savior.

WARNING! Dark romantic themes included. If you don’t like your bad boys BAD, look the other way!

My Review:

It’s been awhile since I’ve rated a book this low and while I feel bad I just could not get into this book. I don’t mind when the heroine is intrigued by the dark, brooding hero but Bianca went from being kidnapped, threatened and going into instant lust for the man who admits to killing her brother all within a blink of an eye. I had whiplash and even paged backwards thinking I must have missed something. Yes, we are told she’s never been given physical affection but really?! One touch and all of a sudden she’s whimpering for more from her brother’s murderer?! I was also hoping since she was trying to become independent of her father’s legacy that she would grow a spine at some point but she remains the weak heroine who gets pushed around and bullied through out the entire book. It would have been nice to see some growth in her character.

Then there’s Matteo who I thought was going to be this brooding, kick butt hero who I was going to see him take on all comers who threatens his woman. He halfway fulfilled this but the other half of his character was somewhat whiny, needy and no the brightest so I found it hard to feel any sort of connection to him.

The only characters I even felt the slightest connections with were Bianca’s and Matteo’s fathers. At least they had some dimension to them and an interesting back story. Sadly that is probably the best part of this story.

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