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Review: Still of Night by Jonathan Maberry

February 8th, 2019 by Debbie's World of Books
Source: Purchased
Publisher: JournalStone
Publication date: November 9, 2018
Series: Dead of Night #3

Rating: ★★★★☆

About the book

The dead rose. We fell. 

But not everyone thinks the war for survival is over. Heroes rise in times of crisis, and STILL OF NIGHT tells their stories… 

DAHLIA -a bullied high school girl with a love for edged weapons goes from victim to powerful leader as the zombie apocalypse sweeps through her world. 

RACHAEL ELLE -continues her journey from comic-con cosplayer to actual hero as she encounter a community with a dark and terrible secret. 

CAPTAIN JOE LEDGER and his best shooters, TOP and BUNNY, head to an overrun San Diego to try and save a possible cure for the virus that is bringing the dead back to unnatural life. 

And in the wilderness, Joe, Dahlia, and Rachael Elle will come face-to-face with savage gangs, an army of the living dead, and the mysterious and deadly OLD MAN CHURCH. 

The final battle unfolds in a little town called Happy Valley, where the residents have found their own unique and terrible way to survive the end of the world. But a war is coming, and no one will escape the last great war between the living and the dead. 

STILL OF NIGHT is the fourth book in NY Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry’s bestselling DEAD OF NIGHT series. George A. Romero called DEAD OF NIGHT and its sequel, FALL OF NIGHT, “The official prequel to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD as far as I’m concerned.” 

My Thoughts

I love all of Jonathan Maberry’s books. Whether they be his YA Rot & Ruin series, the adult Joe Ledger books or the Dead of Night series, they are all favorites of mine. The only reason I didn’t give this one 5 stars was that it had a few short stories before leading into the main book and while I loved the main story not all of the short stories hit the mark for me. The main one I had issue with was Rachael’s story. I had enjoyed her first appearance at a Comic Con but I couldn’t get into her short story or feel it really added anything to the over arcing storyline. I did enjoy seeing her in the longer story when she meets up with Joe Ledger so it might have just been the style of the short story.

Other than that I loved the rest of the book. I was a little leery about Dahlia but watching how her character evolves is amazing especially once we she comes under Mr. Church’s tutelage. And speaking of Mr. Church, I was so excited to see him make an appearance in this book. As I mentioned above I love the Joe Ledger series and seeing some of those characters weaving into this series has been great. I’m hoping at some point we see more of what happens with Top and Bunny.

I also really enjoyed reading the overview of the timeline of where all the series fell and it makes it that much more amazing see where Joe Ledger had started off and his experiences through out this entire zombie apocalypse. He really ties all the series together so nicely and I really look forward to more books.

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