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Children’s Podcast Review: But Why? Episode: Why Is Money So Important

May 6th, 2019 by Debbie's World of Books

Access the But Why? episode here.

I’ve been working with my kids to read some self-development books or listen to some podcasts that aren’t necessarily video game related which is how they like to spend the bulk of their screen time doing and I stumbled across this great podcast called But Why? They have episodes on topics that are not only interesting to kids but also have some interesting nuggets of information. This episode was all about money and covered topics like the evolution of paying for items and services via bartering, trading shells for goods & services and eventually the creation of coins and paper money. It also talks about why people have to work, having to balance wanting things in life with how much money will it cost you, saving money and taking out loans to but things.

As we listened to the podcast my 8 year old, 11 year old and I discussed points that stood out to us. My 11 year old said she learned she never wants to borrow money because she doesn’t want to have to pay interest. So that lead to a discussion about does she really NEVER want to borrow money? Or are there situations where maybe the interest payment is worth what she could get by taking out the loan. My 8 year old was interested in why certain jobs pay more than others and how going to school and learning new things could affect the types of jobs he could get. They also loved that the podcast covered their question on why is the dime smaller than a penny if it’s worth more. I honestly didn’t know that answer myself and found the answer interesting. All in all, it was a great podcast and amazingly my 8 year old sat through the entire 24 minutes and was engaged the entire time.

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