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About Me & My Review Policy

While this blog is really for anything that pops into my head my main focus is on books I’ve read and what I thought about them.  I’ve always loved to read and had a hard time keeping track of what I read and if I liked the book or not.  Hopefully this blog will help with that and also hopefully help others find some new books they might enjoy.

There are a few reality tv series I also love like Amazing Race that I will be following here as they air.

My Review Policy

I am always happy to hear from authors, publishers, publicists, etc about reviewing books or participating in book tours, promotions or author interviews.  I cannot guarantee that I will be able to accept every offer.  I try to schedule out my reviews and not accept more than I can handle as I hate to let books linger too long and I also have my own large to be read pile.

If you also sell bookish items I would also be interested in hearing from you as I am always look for good book gifts or gadgets to use myself.

**Please note I do not guarantee positive reviews.  If I enjoy a book or item I will say so but the same holds true if I dislike a book or item.  My goal it to provide honest opinions about the things I post on my blog.

What Do I Like to Read?

My favorite genres tend to be young adult books, historical and paranormal romances, chick lit and action fiction with some sci-fi and fantasy thrown in.  You can click on each link to see samples of books I have reviewed in each genre.  Please keep in mind I have only been blogging for about a year so these do not include all the books I have read or even all of my favorites.  You can see a more comprehensive list of what I have read and what types of books I add to my wish list on GoodReads.  My tastes range widely so it never hurts to ask.

What I Do Not Like to Read

That said there a few types of books I do not read.  For the most part I do not read non-fiction, memoirs or books that are primarily about religious issues.  I do read the occasional Christian fiction book but only if the religion is a side note and not the main issue.

Book Formats I Accept

I prefer paper copies of books although I do occasionally accept PDF copies.  I will fully admit that it does take me longer to get to PDF copies than paper books.

When Will I Post a Review

My typical turnaround time for a review is 1-2 months after receiving a book.  Lately this has sometimes gone a little longer due to the number of books I have been receiving.  I am working on being more selective on what I select to get this turnaround time back down under 2 months.  If you prefer to have a review or giveaway posted on a particular date or time period please state that when pitching the book.

I do not guarantee every book I receive will be reviewed.  I will typically give a book half to three quarters of the way through and if I dislike it I may stop reading it.  If I feel like I can offer a solid opinion on what I liked and disliked I may still post a review.  Occasionally I do come across books that I find I just cannot post a review but these are few and far between.

Where Do I Post Reviews

Besides my blog I also post my reviews regularly on Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Twitter and Facebook.  I also post on the Book Blogs ning and Barnes and Noble less frequently.

My Rating System

If you would like to read more about how I rate the books I read please visit this post.


I will generally post 2-3 giveaways a month and if you would like your book to be considered please let me know.  I do not accept every offer as I do not want this blog to be solely about giveaways but rather a way to high light books that I enjoyed or that sound interesting to me.  When offering a giveaway please let me know how many copies are available, where will you ship to (US, Canada, International), when you would like the giveaway to begin and how long you prefer the giveaway to run for.  If no time period is set most giveaways will run for 2 weeks.

Contact Info

I can be contacted via email at: dasuzuki at gmail dot com.  It has been a pleasure working with the authors, publicists and publishers thus far and am grateful for the chance to bring some great books to the notice of my readers.